Sure Genomics and Sanitas, Inc. Partner to Deliver FDA-Cleared Health Risk Assessment Information to Consumers

Family Healthware™ Screens for Major Disease Risks Including Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes and Certain Cancers Based on Family History

Carlsbad, CA – Sure Genomics, Inc. today announces a partnership with Sanitas, Inc. to offer its Family Healthware application to consumers. Family Healthware is the only health risk assessment service with FDA 510(K) clearance for identifying a person’s familial risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and colorectal, breast and ovarian cancers, and provides a personalized prevention plan to help reduce risk factors for these diseases.

“Sanitas is committed to helping people better understand their health risk factors which is a focus we share,” said Warren Little, co-founder and CEO of Sure Genomics. “Together we offer consumers and their healthcare providers reliable disease risk information, and can incorporate genetic information to help people make more informed decisions about their personal health.”

To create an overall health risk score, Family Healthware uses a quick, interactive questionnaire to collect health data, behaviors, recent lab tests and family medical history. Through the application, users can invite their relatives to participate, and keep a record of all information including family medical history, personal health information, and ancestry to reveal a more comprehensive family health history record which can be shared with their healthcare providers.

“Our companies saw a unique opportunity to deliver an integrated care experience to consumers built on both family health history and genetic insights,” said Naser Partovi, founder and CEO of Sanitas, Inc. “Our partnership will help enable consumers to become more activated in a truly personalized path for better health by understanding how family history and genetics can drive new insights for prevention and care.”

Sure Genomics’ SureDNA is the first personalized genomics service that uses the full DNA sequence to round out an individual’s proactive health portfolio. Consumers and their healthcare providers now have access to genetic information for life. The full genome sequence is stored in Sure Genomics’ SureVAULT™ so interpretations can be continually updated without further sample collection or laboratory testing. Because only a single test is required the time and cost savings over a lifetime becomes significant. Genetic testing requires a physician order, which can be provided by the individual’s healthcare provider or by a reference network of physicians.

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About Sure Genomics, Inc.

Sure Genomics is a personal genetics company dedicated to making personal DNA information accessible with unlimited DNA analysis over a person’s lifetime as new genetic discoveries are made. Sure Genomics platform helps people obtain and benefit from their full DNA sequence through a Get Look Plan™ system. Founded in 2013, Sure Genomics is located in Carlsbad, CA. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter at @suregenomics.


About Sanitas, Inc.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in La Jolla, California, Sanitas is committed to helping health systems and provider practices achieve their care coordination goals that empower patients, boost outcomes, and reduce total care costs while keeping patients where they thrive best—at home. Sanitas is focused on enabling new models of value-based care to more efficiently and effectively identify risks and coordinate care to improve adherence to clinical care plans.

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