Q.What does Sure Genomics offer?

A. Sure Genomics gives people access to their whole genome and a new way to understand what the content in their DNA says about them so they can make more informed decisions about their health and well-being.


Q. How does the SureDNA service compare to other genetic testing services?

A.  Our SureDNA™ service sequences the whole genome and stores the information in our HIPAA compliant storage SureVAULT™. Our subscription members will receive updated reports every six months comparing their genetic information against new genetic discoveries without further sample collection or laboratory testing. Because only a single test is required the time and cost savings over a lifetime becomes significant. Note: the prescribing physician must authorize ongoing reporting as part of the initial ordering process.


Q. What reports does the SureDNA service deliver? *Coming Soon

A.  Initially we will provide user-friendly educational reports with current scientific information on the genetic variants identified in your sequence. The following and additional reports will be provided as they meet all required FDA regulatory standards:

  1. Health & Wellness reports –  make more informed choices about your diet, exercise and lifestyle*
  2. Traits reports  — explore your DNA to understand how you came to be you*
  3. Ancestry – discover your family history*
  4. Drug Response Report – understand how you may respond to certain drugs based on your DNA*
  5. Disease Reports – learn how your DNA is associated with diseases such as breast cancer, PTSD, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and mental health*


Q. How do I get my whole genome sequenced?

A.  All genetic sequencing requires a physician order. The process begins by registering on the Sure Genomics website, completing a questionnaire including medical and surgical history, and providing your physician’s contact information to obtain an order for the test. If you do not have a primary care physician, we can provide a network of qualified healthcare professionals who will conduct a medical consultation over phone or videoconference, and order the test if appropriate.


Q. How is my saliva sample collected?

A. We will mail a saliva sampling kit, the Oragene OGD 500 kit, which has been cleared by the FDA for this purpose. We provide pre-addressed return packaging to return the kit.


Q. How is my sample processed?

A. Samples are processed by a CLIA and CAP-certified laboratory.


Q. How long does it take to get my whole genome sequenced?

A. It takes four weeks from receipt of your sample before we can provide your whole genome sequencing information and associated reports.


Q. What is the genome sequencing coverage depth?

A. The whole genome is sequenced to 30X depth coverage utilizing Illumina HiSeq equipment


Q. What kind of variants are analyzed?

A. We analyze 70,000 of the most scientifically referenced SNPs. The list of these SNPs will be made available prior to shipping.


Q. How are my results delivered?

A. We will notify both you and your ordering physician when your whole genome sequencing information and associated reports are ready. We then release the reports into SureVAULT to be explored by you and your healthcare professional.


Q. How do I access my DNA information and reports?

A. Log in from any mobile device or computer to view your reports in an interactive format that overlays your genetic variant information on a virtual image of the male or female human body. For example, the genomic information indexed to markers related to the leg will be accessible by clicking on the image of the leg in the interactive feature.  This allows for greater comprehension of the available reference information related to that marker.


Q. Do you provide genetic counseling?

A. We provide up to one hour consultation with a genetics professional certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics or American Board of Genetic Counseling to explain your results.


Q. If I choose to cancel my subscription, what happens to my DNA information?

A. Our customers will always have the option to retrieve their personal DNA information from SureVAULT™ storage.


Q. How is the analysis done?

A. Our bioinformaticians have pipelines into Government and private data sources including ClinVar, dbSNP and other National Institutes of Health sources to analyze the raw sequencing data by comparing the information. We provide comparisons on known risks for the top 70,000 validated markers though this information doesn’t necessarily correlate to the marker expression or contracting disease.


Q. What happens to the sample once the genome is successfully sequenced?

A. Your DNA samples are destroyed within 45 days of sequencing.  


Q. What kinds of files are used?

A. We provide FASTQ, BAM, and VCF(s) files which are placed in your SureVAULT. Customers may also request the data be delivered via hard drive with a small processing fee.


Q. Will you share or sell my data?

A. We believe the individual should control access to their DNA information, and will never sell or share the personal information of our customers. Upon request, we will assist our customers with sales transactions.


Q. If I want to move my genomic file to some other service in the future is that possible?

A. In the future it will be possible to move your genomic file to another service. The cost and timing will be announced at a later date when the details are available.


Q. Can SureVAULT be available to customers who sequenced their genome outside of Sure Genomics?

A. Yes, we plan to allow new customers to upload their sequence data to SureVAULT. This feature and details will be made available in Q2 2017.